Things To Know When Choosing A DUI Attorney To Help Your Case

Driving your own car is very convenient since you can go to different places anytime you want or need to without depending on a schedule unlike when riding public transportation services. Your speed of arrival usually depends on the traffic condition and speed limit within that stretch of road. And you will not encounter problems with the authorities when you just follow the rules.

But there might come a time when you make mistakes of not following the traffic laws and have driven your car even when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is when you might need the Vallejo CA DUI attorney to help you defend yourself during the trail for the charges against you. They could help you get acquitted or have a lesser punishment instead.

You may think that hiring a lawyer for your case in DUI is a waste of money specially when the details are pretty straightforward. But the law related to this is complicated and requires the expertise from someone who is a professional in this field. And not all cases have the same facts so the results might vary.

An average person without any legal training would have a hard time in finding a viable defense or to minimize the consequences you may receive. There can be an oversight or mistake in handling the charge resulting to something bad that could be avoided. You have the option of hiring a private lawyer or public defender for your case.

Defendants that cannot afford an attorney are generally entitled to a counsel appointed by the court and are usually from the office of public defender. But if none of them are available, they will appoint one from among the panel attorneys. These are private lawyers paid by courts for representing indigent defendants of criminal charges.

But the disadvantage of having one that is appointed by the court is the lack of attention they may have on you. That is because they are very busy usually with lots of cases being given to them and is the reason they cannot talk with you as much as possible. This means you could probably not prepare well for your upcoming trial with them.

But particularly for DUI cases, another issue of having the appointed lawyer defending you is there to put you into a disadvantage. There are usually two proceedings with these cases which are criminal court case and the administrative proceeding for license suspension with the DMV. Public defenders can only handle the first one and not the second unlike the private lawyers.

There are many attorneys specializing in DUI cases so hiring the best one possible is important to get the results you want. You must hire one who is specializing in this particular law and not those who takes a case in this occasionally. This means looking for someone with a lot of experience as well.

These cases usually ends up in plea bargains. Their skills and knowledge are helpful for getting a good deal. But if you want to take it into trial, having someone with experience in them is beneficial.