The Growth of Matrimonial Websites

Since the introduction of online matrimonial websites, there's been a surprisingly quick acceptance of the idea in the Indian market. It has led to its regular and exponential progress over the time. Only 5 years into the introduction of the portals, there were over 25 million eligible individuals registering, to find for themselves the perfect wife on the internet.

Reasons for its Popularity

Today, this amount has truly gone up by three times. Within the last year alone, there have been over 17 million new registrants who benefited from the groundbreaking yet simple tools on these online match-making sites. The core cause of this exponential success among possible wedding brides, grooms, and even parents is due to the convenience it includes and its own cost-effective nature. To find a life partner, you can visit

Technology versus Traditions

Today, the industry has constantly been seeing a growth of 48% running a business every year. It really is interesting to note that the dawn of the internet time saw such an instant switch of ideologies among traditional people who could actually shed all values and taboos to adopt technology for cultural and marital health.

The Growth of Marriage Websites

It is assumed that on an average of 15 million Indian wedding brides and grooms from surrounding the world get committed to the match that they find on matrimonial websites every year. Using the industry surpassing the INR 500 Crore make a long time ago, there is absolutely no stopping because of this industry. You can also click here if you want to know more information regarding the same.

Factors Influencing the Growing Demand

With the ever before growing user bottom of technology and the internet specifically, more and more internet surfers today participate in the age band of 25 to 34 years. Moreover, India involves the youngest populace on earth and the 4th major internet user-base.

The Service Platter

Online matrimonial websites give you a selection of services at very cost-effective rates. Most popular websites offer free as well as prime services which can be user-driven and assist young wedding brides and grooms with relevant and correct search results depending on a variety of conditions that match certain requirements of the registrants.