Shih Tzu Paper Training

A Shih Tzu is a proud and regal dog who likes things very clean and doesn’t really get trained. Punishment and negative reinforcement will only waste all your efforts. So remain calm and use good shih Tzu training and grooming styles.

At some point some Shih Tzu owners feel that Shih Tzu paper training may work in their home breaking attempts. Housebreaking is usually a long process that can take months and the single thing you do not want to try and do is keep introducing new things in the process. This will confuse your pet dog and set back your instruction by months.

A Shih Tzu requires a lengthy and involved process for housebreaking and if you are turning to Shih Tzu paper training then it has to be several months after you have tried all standard housebreaking methods. Even then you need to know that a Shih Tzu is typically not going to react to paper training like any other breed of dog would react to it. It is so vitally important to be certain that you are doing paper training only after trying conventional housebreaking methods for at least six months.

For those who have tried housebreaking for six months then you can try paper training but always be persistent. You should already have an income area for your Shih Tzu and chances are that they are soiling areas around, but not in, their living area.