Selecting the Most Appropriate Gold Buyer

You’ve decided to sell some old jewelry or gold coins you’ve had forever, and you would like to sell to the best gold buyer you’ll find. Congratulations! We’ve put together some terrific tips for finding a good gold buyer who will give you the best possible price for the old jewelry, gold watches as well as other scrap metal.

  1. Don’t sell to some middleman. If a gold buyer doesn’t say that their company is usually an actual metals refinery, you’re probably discussing with a middleman. There’s nothing wrong that has a middleman, except that he has to buy your gold for less than it’s really worth so that you can turn a profit himself.

  1. Make sure your gold is protected if it’s enroute to the platinum buyer. Visit a few websites and see the instructions carefully. Some gold buyers will still only insure the gold you outline for up the $100; from then on, it is your responsibility to ensure it. You can also try having a look at if you want to get more info on gold buyers.
  2. Read the fine print! We can’t stress this specific enough. Some companies that invest in gold aren’t honest or will reap the benefits of you by putting severe limitations from the fine print.