Reasons For Buying Electrical Fan

Electrical fans are very useful in summer for many households. Although the amount of families which use electric fans has somewhat diminished because of the prevalence of the air conditioner, staying in an ac room for too long may cause the resistance of our body to fall, some can easily catch a cold, get a fever, contract allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma, and much more.

These are all due to the terrible air quality due to almost no circulations in an ac room, which consequently multiples the reason behind disease microorganism. Since the electric fan is convenient to use, it stinks naturally and doesn’t pollute the atmosphere, from the environmental protection and health viewpoint, it ought to be the first option when it comes to heatstroke prevention.

How should we use an electric enthusiast?

Do not get too near the fan

When using an electric fan, some folks prefer to stay very near the fan and allow the wind fiercely blow on them, particularly following strenuous exercises. This might because the body gets indisposed, feeling tired, sultry, incapable, hands and feet may feel bloated and limp. In the worse case, it may lead to fever, headache, cold sensation, or even cause other diseases. You can also explore more about industrial fan by visiting ‘เอส พี ไอ อินเตอร์เทรด‘.

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Don’t chill with the fan for a long time

It’s not healthy if you allow the fan runs all night long. Skin surface temperature of any stains that are vulnerable to the blowing for too long time drops, while skin blood vessels are still diastolic, this can cause abnormal blood flow, which in turn will affect excretion of sweat, cause the alteration of nerve center to shed balance

Use low or middle rate as far as possible

Speaking of the use of a fan, the larger the fan blades, the greater the energy it requires, then the more energy it absorbs. The power consumption of a fan is in direct ratio to the rate of its blades. The energy used in 1 hour in the fastest speed would enable the identical fan to run nearly two hours at the lowest rate.

Put lover at door or window when possible

In summer evenings, place the fan at locations close to a doorway or a window when possible. This is excellent for air flow by blowing cool outside air to indoor air. Allow the fan blow with the wind increases the efficacy of decreasing the temperature.

High speed to low speed

When turning on a fan, the switch should be set at “high speed” first, then change it to the “Centre” or “low” after it runs at full speed. This is to prevent unnecessary longer engine starting time.

 Fans with manual tuning options are already installed in the way to the high speed needs to be on first. But make sure that it is at full speed before the change to reduce speed. If you feel any burning odor, switch off the fan and unplug immediately.