Natural Lucid Dreaming Herbs

Lucid dreams are the dreams which you experience in your sleep state. You are able to control everything in lucid dreams. Lucid dreams tell you the difference between dreams and reality. You are able to recognize that you are dreaming. There are several procedures and techniques to induce lucid dreaming. Navigate through this website  to find the natural supplements for inducing lucid dreams.


Regularly performing the techniques of lucid dreaming can help you become lucid for sure. Inducing lucid dreams in your sleep is not a very difficult task. Regularity and patience are the keys to lucidity. Lucid dreaming has several benefits. It is a world of your own which you can control by yourself even in your subconscious state. Self-realization dreams are considered as the chance to play around with the extraordinary abilities which are in the unused parts of your brain.


Lucid dreams makes you self-aware of the fact that you are dreaming. You must concentrate on your dream and get relaxed before going to bed. A relaxed and cool mind leads to a more clear and sharp dream. There are several herbs available to induce lucid dreams. These herbs are considered very beneficial because they are the natural ways to induce lucid dreams. These herbs are very quick and effective for experiencing lucid dreams in REM state. Following are some of these herbs which are very useful to become lucid-

Galantamine is a type of supplement which is the most popular and effective herb. It is used to modulate the chemicals of your brain which will further modulate your sleep. You can buy this herb in several stores and online

Calea zacatechichi is a supplement which is quite expensive as compared to other herbs. It is a flowering plant which cures many diseases. The leaves of this herb is used to increase your memory. You can recall your dreams easily which is very essential to become lucid.  Recalling your dreams is the most important step to become lucid. You can remember your dreams easily by having these supplements.

Brain vitamins These vitamins are very beneficial and are used to increase concentration power during the sleep state. As you know concentration is very important for lucid dreams. These vitamins contain enzymes and proteins which are used to increase the mental activity of your mind during the sleep state. You will be more focused to your dream by taking these supplements.