Life and After Life

 Recently due to numerous actors passing off, like Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, to list a few, I have been asked several questions regarding death and life. Death is an international experience.

Nobody can expect to escape . It’s merely a matter of time until it comes to all us and people we love. Most passing beds are calm once the time comes and several go outside fighting. You can also left Life Imprints for loved ones by clicking right here.

What, then, can it be we fear in passing it ought to be for us something of despair and dread?

All these are the things which make death horrible. What I have written can help you not have this anxiety.

My Personal Experiences

I would like you to understand what I write about comes out of my personal experience. I had been brought up with fundamental spiritual beliefs that there’s a heaven and hell. Beginning at a young age I had been seeing colors around individuals and apparitions, though I didn’t understand what any of this supposed.

 In my early twenties I eventually became an atheist since I felt, according to religious teachings I would never be perfect enough for God, so why bother to try, though I continued living a life in which I harmed nobody. What helped me alter my thoughts was attending a metaphysical college for six decades.

What I heard that there might never be recorded in a publication. You might ask why that will alter my opinion. The longer I practiced that independently, the longer it became real and natural for me.