How To Overcome The Mental Blocks To Lucid Dreaming

dreamsJust like everyone, I also dream and some sometimes my dreams are very weird sometimes funny, but most of the time quite scary. These dreams are sometimes so scary that I feel helpless in getting rid of them out of my mind.

I shared this problem with one of my very close friends and he told me about lucid dreaming.

Have you heard about “LUCID DREAMING” before?

Well, at first I couldn’t get it… I was confused and navigated towards various web sources to open the mystery lock. I dedicated my search towards weird facts about dreams. What is lucid dreaming?

I am sure you must be wondering what I discovered…

Answer: In actual, lucid dreaming is a very safe and a very authoritative way to understand the difference between the real and fiction. It helps to cross the line between the medium of corporeal “reality” and the unrestrained reality of your spiritual self.

Previously, people who were disbelievers have drastically changed their belief systems after experiencing a single lucid dream. What I am trying to say here is that for at least once, one must endure the lucid dreaming experience.

beautiful world of dreams

According to my research, many people have overcome the mental blocks to lucid dreaming in actual, by gaining the insights of their personal problems, attained control over their long time phobias and fears and even garnered answers to scientific dilemmas via lucid dreams. Now you can learn lucid dreaming techniques online and experience the amazing world of dreams.

Note: If you have endured lucid dreaming but, still haven’t succeeded in overcoming your fears, this is may be because you really need to overcome your mental blocks.

What Is The Solution To It?


The subconscious (intuitive) mind is the doorway to both our endless potential and towards the door that needs to be unlocked before we can step over to that potential.

Usually, our religious teachings teach us that we must “go by the book” or face the penalties. Our educators do everything in their control to splash our thoughts, learn “facts” and twig with well-known scientific creed.

Even our parents poke us to thrive in life and get our heads out of the clouds.

But, what I have learned from these dreams do dream but don’t put stipulations to fulfill them; this way you will never able to overcome your mental blocks and won’t able to lead a normal life.