Grand Canyon Bus Tours for the Las Vegas Traveler

Many consider the Grand Canyon to be the most spectacular of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, so it's not surprising that it entice millions of visitors every year. Impressively, those visitors come from all over the planet. Many are also visiting Las Vegas, and the majority of those travelers arrive at the Grand Canyon by taking one of the many bus tours that leave from the city.

Luxury motor coach tours out of Las Vegas transport visitors to the National Park's West Rim or South Rim, but they also offer several affordable side trips. For example, a West Rim Grand Canyon bus tour can be improved by adding a rafting trip down the Colorado River, a helicopter flight to the canyon floor, or a visit to the amazing Grand Canyon Skywalk. For a South Rim bus trip, you can add a helicopter flight to the North Rim and back, across Dragoon Corridor.You can know more about bus tours to grand canyon via

Grand Canyon bus trips make getting there half the fun of visiting the canyon. Your motor coach to the Grand Canyon will take you along the sparkling shores of Lake Mead. You'll then dive into Black Canyon and take the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge to cross over the mighty Colorado River. On the drive back to Las Vegas, just about every canyon bus tour makes a stop at the Arizona side of the bridge. Tour operators know their passengers will want to photograph Hoover Dam.

Your tour bus will move through a series of deep mountain valleys before it descends into the Mojave Desert. West Rim tours take a dirt road through a forest of ancient Joshua Trees. South Rim tours carry on to Kingman, Arizona. From there, they head west to Grand Canyon National Park. Most of the road parallels fabled Route 66.