Foods Which Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Colon Cancer

To help the prevention of colon cancer, it is important to understand how your diet can affect your probability of getting cancer in the colon. Early detection and prevention is certainly helpful when dealing with early stages of cancer, however ensuring your diet is high in fiber can help to reduce your risk of colon cancer. Foods that are high in fiber help to keep blood sugar levels under control. This is important because high blood sugar levels are a high risk factor for colon cancer as well as diabetes. If you have had someone in your family who has been diagnosed with colon cancer it is important to have regular check ups and screenings.

Staying healthy is all about balance, choosing the right foods and exercise. When you eat with a more mindful attitude it can help to Lose Weight San Diego, keep off the pounds, give you more energy as well as reduce your risk for cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and much more. Here are a few foods which are high in fiber and can help to prevent colon cancer. Buckwheat is a wonderful food which is high in fiber and high in potassium. It also has high levels of manganese, zinc and vitamin B. Brown rice is also another whole grain that is high in fiber and provides much more nutrition than other whole grains because it contains vitamin B and 6, as well as magnesium. Quinoa is a great substitute if you want to reduce the amount of rice you eat. Quinoa is a complete protein, which means it contains all 9 of the essential amino acids. It also has flavonoids that provide protection from inflammation.