Enjoy Safari Holidays With Your Family

The beauty of Tanzania safari holidays in Africa is that there are many itineraries to stunning beaches and islands around the east coast with the Indian Ocean. The major of all these islands is Madagascar which is in fact the fourth largest island in the world. For more information on African Safari Adventures, you can check online.

Though there is no big game in Madagascar it is amazingly bio diverse. Because at one point the land mass of Madagascar broke off from the coast of Africa, the animals there evolved contrarily. As a result Madagascar has some of the most captivating wildlife anywhere on the planet including striking beings such as ring tailed lemurs, with their long tails and huge eyes.



Madagascar is also a cultural melting pot making it one of the most rewarding places that offer trip holidays. As well as old-style safaris on four-by-four vehicles to the reserves it is also possible to use Madagascar as a base for an island hopping trip through the country. Furthermore for an memorable experience you can sail around the coast on the classical African dhow boats.

Safari Holidays to the National Parks of Madagascar

As well as numerous wildlife reserves, strict nature reserves and private reserves there are 20 different national parks in Madagascar. The Masoala National Park is in the north east of the island and it includes the Nosy Mangabe Reserve. With 2,300 square kilometres of protected rainforest it is the biggest national park on the island and, having been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, a must-see if you come here for safari holidays.