Different Types of Fire Extinguisher

Water is one of the most effective fire extinguisher types. They should just be utilized on Class A fire including Paper, wood, textures, furniture, etc.A water fire extinguisher is a strong red in shading with a hose and nozzle joined, so you can coordinate a stream of water at the base of the fire.

As water conducts power, water fire extinguisher shouldn’t be utilized close presented to live power links.If you are looking for the different type of fire extinguisher then you can browse this site http://www.cakinter.co.th/en/.

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Water dousers are best kept close by a CO2 extinguisher so the danger of electrical flames is shrouded in your building. Water extinguisher work by smothering the flames and splashing (cooling) the materials in the fire.

Likewise, with water, AFFF froth chips away at Class A flames yet can likewise douse class B/combustible fluid flames. At the point when showered onto a fire, AFFF froth stifles and covers the flares, at that point seals in any unsafe vapors under the surface of the froth.

Froth additionally infiltrates permeable materials and cools the fire as the water in the froth dissipates. As the froth quencher is non-conductive and tried to the BS EN3 35,000V dielectric test, they might be utilized close however not on lives electrical hardware. Froth fire dousers can be recognized by their cream shading coded board.

Carbon dioxide or Co2 fire dousers are sheltered to use on electrical flames. The Co2 gas is non-conductive and does not desert a deposit that will influence the future execution of electrical gear, not at all like froth or powder dousers. These fire douser types are additionally viable on Class B fires (combustible fluids).