A Brief History of Banners

Banner making is a classical craft which is still very common in the modern day. A banner is just like a flag or a piece of cloth bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or any custom message. The word banner is procured from a Latin name “bandum”, a cloth used to make flags.

Banners are even stated in the Old Testament. They were a rallying point in the battle. A banner named sashimi no was used by Japanese soldiers to recognize themselves on the battlefield. The 15th and 16th century saw the most use of sashimi no in feudal Japan. Banners survived in crusades and in many other battlefields and wars including American Civil War.

Banners are used in the annual Palio race of Italy to discriminate between the individual contra de. This race takes place in many towns across Italy. In Siena, the winner is given a silk banner. What is the difference between a BANNER and a FLAG?

One side of a flag is attached to a pole or mast and the rest of the cloth swirls in the air. The flag is horizontally positioned on a vertical flagpole. A Banner, on the other hand, has a sheath on the top of the vertical end. It is fixed vertically off a small pole.Today there are many Types of Custom Banners available in the market.

In the modern day and age a there are other sorts of banners as well. For example web banner. A web banner or banner ad is a mode of publication on the World Wide Web. This unique form of online advertisement entails embedding an ad into a web page. The purpose of such banner ads is to draw more customers to the advertiser’s website.